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A. campestris

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Category Fungi
Kingdom Protista(Fungae)
Order Agaricales
Family Agaricaceae
Species in this genus
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Aden Earth Zone

6 - 13




Agaricus Agaricus is a large and important genus of mushrooms containing both edible and poisonous species, with possibly over 300 members worldwide[1][2]. The genus includes the common ("button") mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) and the field mushroom (Agaricus campestris), the dominant cultivated mushrooms of the West.

Members of Agaricus are characterized by having a fleshy cap or pileus, from the underside of which grow a number of radiating plates or gills on which are produced the naked spores. They are distinguished from other members of their family, Agaricaceae, by their chocolate-brown spores. Members of Agaricus also have a stem or stipe, which elevates the pileus above the object on which the mushroom grows, or substrate, and a partial veil, which protects the developing gills and later forms a ring or annulus on the stalk.


The genus contains the most widely consumed and best known mushroom today, Agaricus bisporus - Button Mushroom, with A. campestris also well known. The most notable inedible species is the yellow-staining mushroom A. xanthodermus. All three are found worldwide.


List of species

File:Champignons Agaricus.jpg
Champignons Agaricus.jpg
File:Agaricus campestris.jpg
Agaricus campestris.jpg
File:Agaricus impudicus 01.jpg
Agaricus impudicus 01.jpg
File:Agaricus perobscurus.jpg
Agaricus perobscurus.jpg
File:Agaricus pilatianus 060825wa.jpg
Agaricus pilatianus 060825wa.jpg
File:Agaricus semotus natural.jpg
Agaricus semotus natural.jpg
File:Agaricus silvaticus0.jpg
Agaricus silvaticus0.jpg
File:Agaricus subrufescens.jpg
Agaricus subrufescens.jpg
File:Agaricus subrutilescens.jpg
Agaricus subrutilescens.jpg
File:Agaricus vaporarius 01.JPG
Agaricus vaporarius 01.JPG
File:Agaricus xanthoderma eF.jpg
Agaricus xanthoderma eF.jpg
File:Agaricus texensis 65797.jpg
Agaricus texensis 65797.jpg

Agaricus bisporus - Button Mushroom


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