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Dioscorea balcanica

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Category Vine, Perennial, Vegetable
Kingdom Plantae
Division Magnoliophyta
Class Angiospermae
Order Dioscoreales
Family Dioscoreaceae
Species in this genus
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Aden Earth Zone

7 - 20


  • Cultivation: Invastive, Naturalizing, Easy-To-Grow
  • Light: Sun
  • Soil: Mid-Fertility
  • pH: 7
  • Moisture: Medium


  • Form: Vine, Groundcover, Herbaceous
  • Habit: Evergreen, Perennial, Annual
  • Flower: Small
  • Fruit/Seed: Small
  • Foliage: Leaves, Green
  • Uses: Edible, Ornamental


Dioscorea is a genus of over 600 species of Flowering plants in the family Dioscoreaceae, native throughout the Tropical and warm Temperate regions of the world. The vast majority of the species are tropical, with only a few species extending into temperate climates. It is named after the ancient Greek physician and botanist Dioscorides.
They are Tuberous Herbaceous perennial Lianas, growing to 2–12 m or more tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, mostly broad heart-shaped. The Flowers are individually inconspicuous, greenish-yellow, with six petals; they are mostly dioecious, with separate male and female plants, though a few species are monoecious, with male and female flowers on the same plant. The Fruit is a capsule in most species, a soft Berry in a few species.
Several species, known as yams, are important agricultural crops in tropical regions, grown for their large tubers. Many of these are toxic when fresh, but can be detoxified and eaten, and are particularly important in parts of Africa, Asia, and Oceania (see yam article).


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